Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Never ever ever EVER thought I would be homeschooling.  But, here we are, about a month into it.  I probably won't update this at all regularly, but since this is a trial thing, I thought I should somehow keep track of the ups and downs.  Why not here on my little blog?

So far, I say it is going great.  I still feel like I can't fit everything in and I know I need to do some things different, but overall it is going well.  I just take it day by day.

Yesterday, we went for a walk.  First, we had gone outside at Maris's suggestion to work on our projects at hand:  water coloring book for Maris, spelling for Macie.  Then, I took the opportunity to use the driveway and do some form drawing exercises.  That digressed into chalk drawing and hopscotch.  I was still OK with that b/c hopscotch is an important part of Macie's PT stuff.  Now to the walk....  I decided to have Macie practice her numbers in Spanish while we walked.  She has 1-10 down  and has for years.  But it is 11 up that is not so great.  I was about to yell and scream (thankfully, I did not.. an amazing thing for me) but I held in my frustration that she COULD NOT remember 11 to save her life.  Or 20 or 14.  But, anyway.  The walk ended.  We went on with school.  Later that day, I was drilling Macie with addition flash cards.  About 1/4 way into it, she started answering in SPANISH!  Even 11!!  Not 20, but that is OK.  So, WOW.  It is small victories like that that make me feel like it is going well.  And, I can forgive myself a little for letting the rest of the day lead me, rather than feel like I am in control of it.

Victory #2  (or positive #2):

Today, after we dropped Maris off at her Nature School class, Macie and I went for a walk thru the park.  We saw two bobcats!!!  We watched them climb down to the river and get a drink, hide in the grass and stalk something in the river bed.  It was really cool!

Bye for now!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Llano's Birthday

So much for keeping up with the blog.  And, my last post about looking forward to summer?  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  It has been the worst summer ever (weather-wise). 

Anyway, this post is about my sweet Llano.  13 years ago this weekend, while visiting the Llano River in Llano, TX, we found her.  If it had not been for Sara, who saw the poor thing laying at the side of the river and went over to pet it, I would not have her today.  I wouldn't have even thought of going over to the dog, much less feed her from our ice chest and put her in my car.  She was going to take her to San Antonio to the humane society.  If it hadn't been for john... John said I should keep her.  With every intention of just keeping her for a while, I agreed.  If it hadn't been for Tina.....Then, Tina, my roommate, also fell in love with her.  She agreed to let her stay (even though we weren't supposed to have pets at our Austin rental house).  She even kept her for a month and took her to work with her while I was finding a place to live in Arlington.  The rest is history.  When I finally did find a place in Arlington, I lived in some scary duplexes just so I could have a yard for her!  The person who didn't even want a dog, much less an inside dog, found myself letting her sleep in my room at night to protect me!  Now, she is in all the time.....

Sounds very melodramatic, but it is amazing how much a dog can change your life!!  I love her and she is so much a part of our family!  Even Granny calls her her "Granddog".  She is a very special dog.  Happy Birthday Llano!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking forward to summer

The weather has been unseasonalbly cold around here, which is nice.  Even though I dread the100 degree days that I know are coming, I am still looking forward to summer.  Macie and Maris are both tired of school.  Ha!  As we get closer to the end of the year, it has been more difficult to get Macie to do her homework.  It is not difficult for her, she just doesn't want to sit and do it.  Tonight after several requests and much whining, she finally grabbed her homework and went behind the tv.  This is a favorite hiding spot for the girls.  She finished her homework in no time flat.  She usually drags it out over the week, because it is due on Friday.   There behind the tv, she did the WHOLE thing in record time, no whining!  Couldn't believe it.  John was even watching tv part of the time she was back there.

We do not have a busy schedule at all compared to most of our friends.  But, summer will bring a much more relaxed time.  I am looking forward to doing all sorts of things with the girls.  Maybe more moments like these:

Thanks Aunt Sandy for the lemonade stand kit.  She made $4.55!!  Macie started mixing it up before I could help her.  She mixed the entire Country Time container into that little pitcher.  Too funny.  Needless to say, it was WAY to strong and I had to dilute it.  Llano may not be too excited about Macie and Maris having more free time.  They never have been too interested in dressing her up.  I don't know what this was all about.  But, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  My poor, sweet Llano.  She is SO OLD.... 13 1/2 years.  The vet says her kidneys are going bad. 

Not sure why I decided to post today.  There have been several "blog worthy" topics I could have talked about.  Hee hee.  I am tempted to do a recap like I did in the fall.  But, I am sleepy and I want to read my new Clean Eating magazine.  My next post could be months away.... but maybe I will get back into it... Maybe not.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I have to post about Halloween too!  I am on a roll folks!  Macie was Hannah Montana.  No, she does not watch the show, but the girl is everywhere.  But, yes, she loves "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Party in the USA".  ANYWAY....

I made her costume, cuz we couldn't find the one she wanted in her size.  The wig was a nightmare and was soon tossed after this picture.  She looked much better without it and later had her hair sprayed purple.  She really only wanted the headset microphone thing anyway.

Maris wanted to be Cinderella even before she really knew what was going on.  I had bought her a costume but she thought it was too itchy.  I borrowed one and that was too big and too itchy too.  SO, the night before she had to wear her costume to school, I made her costume too.  I had most of the stuff.  But, I bought some trim and copied the tutu idea from here. Then, I bought a cream colored outfit at Walmart and dyed it blue and added some of the stuff from the skirt.  Aren't I talented?  I was so excited and surprised that it turned out half way decent.  It's not perfect but, IT IS NOT ITCHY!!!! 

My sweeties:

The Recital

OK, it was SOOOOO cute!!!  The video quality is not very good.  I want one of those new video cameras that Luke showed me now!  And, partly due to operator error, the video misses Maris striking a pose when she first came out on stage.  So, here is a picture. 

No one told her to put her hand on her hip like that.  Party in the USA was playing when they walked out and she thought she was HOT stuff.  All of the little girls did great and they couldn't wait to get on the HUGE stage.  Without further delay, here it is.......

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last Wednesday, it was a typical rushed day.  I needed to run to the store after school and after a pre-planned playdate.  But, I was tired and didn't feel good. So, John said he would bring home pepperoni rolls.  So, I had some time to just hang out with the girls.  Macie wanted to do her homework outside.  When we were out there, this little butterfly kept coming around, fluttering right by us, landing on us even.  It was so fun to watch it and try to get it to land on us.  Macie had just checked out this book from the library about a girl who plays with a butterfly and then can't find it the next day.  Maris just happened to take it outside that day. Here is a picture of it on the book!
It was fun and relaxing watching that little guy!  I did not take this moment for granted at all! 

Our Fall

I have been too involved in other things to keep up with this blog. But, I have decided that my life is so interesting, that I must share! Hee hee. It has been a crazy October. I love the fall, but it gets so busy.  Shara came down and we went to the fair and After Dark in the Park.  Our family also went camping at Mineral Wells State Park and rode our bikes all around Clark Gardens. It was fun, girls did great sleeping in the tent.

We saw this little guy on our bike ride....
They loved hiking too and climbing on rocks.  Although, Macie and I decided to take a hike by ourselves that turned out longer and scary than I had anticipated.  WE SAW A SNAKE!  Ugh.  But, we made it.  And, a spider attacked me at Clark Gardens and in an attmept to shoosh it from me, I think I broke my hand.  Seriously, I couldn't use or let it hang down for the rest of the day.  And, it STILL hurts three weeks later.  Dork!

My spooky food for fall:
Sheperds Pie

Maris's opinion of spooky sheperd pie

(wow she looks terrible here.  She really is cuter!)

And, this is the pumpkin cake.  Hee hee.

During John's 3rd consecutive weekend of camping, I had a mini craftie night with Priscilla.  We made this lovey wreath. 
It is made of burlap.  We also then took a little square of burlap, embroidered our initial in it, glued it to a page from an old law book and framed it.  That was just so we could say we did two crafts.  But, it did turn out cute.

While I am talking homemade stuff, here are my curtains and window mistreatments.  I think I don't like it.  But, I guess it will stay a while.  Shara helped me with the blind mistreatments while she was here.  I have a little more to do, and of course they need the wrinkles removed.  You can also see in this picture, that I painted my estate sale table and chairs red.  I like it.  (And, you can see, just as I did, thru the camera, that Maris is picking 2 of my 5 lemons before they are ready!!)
Last but not least, we went to 6 Flags tonite.  It was crowded but girls had fun.  We were just yards away from the WORLD SERIES!  We could see the homerun fireworks from the cowboy boot ride!  Go Rangers!  Oh, and there were people in the 6 Flags parking lot (really close to stadium) with their big screen tvs, hanging out watching the game.  I don't get that at all.  Wouldn't you rather be at home?  But, whatever I guess.

Tomorrow is Halloween, so maybe I will be moved to post their lovely costumes.  Oh, Maris has a recital.  I will just have to post. It will be too wonderful not to.